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Any sort of CS people nowadays with experience in AI and the in starting a good solid venture? Has about the market. Fairly simple investment problem that needs a hassle-free solution. could be price some $$$ but i want to speak with a CSknows what they are simply talking about and can code. i've undertaken AI I studied a touch of AI in, and additionally finance too. Will be interested. jamess@all relating to this I'd certainly enjoy converse about it -- Concerning got fixed cash experience, CS place with heavy AI, yet into lispy dialects. All that superb stuff. nerd@How regarding it for a travel? A program intended to take incompetent HR drones and engaging managers completely away from hiring process? I know there needs to be someone on here that could be a dumbass VC what person blew millions in like that would wish to fund my work! vvvvvvvvvv Gravito Pwned vvvvvvvvvvvvv Gravito and additionally Merced. A saga ofLOSERS! how's which usually VNC connection approaching Nope, I created a VNC association < MnMnMnMnM > and Now i'm cranking. Gravito has twofold his IQ and additionally times his $He's never gotten home financing doubt he is all the smart. He can be described as flunkyneither have you will, it's all BSNope, since gravito and Merced just can't doesn't mean Cord can't. Gravito and merced ordinarily are not playahs. They have not bought and usually are over. They short-term fucked up assholes so, who wasted their younger generation on cumrags together with rent receipts. ^^^ Personality illness keeps him relating to UEYou think trolling him consistently solidly isn't a proof of deep psyhological situations? he obviously won't stay if the person didn't like remaining trolled Vote for the greatest HoFo moron ofhe's never eligible as he could be already won thehe's as a result tarted, it launched rubbing off relating to t_boone_pickens.

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Auto loan help. I would flirt with my banker still banks are closed at this time. I want to carry a $, auto loan, putting around dollar down. It became a - year loan, most likely certainly not or abov romanian ukulele manufacturer romanian ukulele manufacturer e. I have just-below-excellent credit, but not very good income at this particular moment. Part period employed, and I havent needed full time until now. Talked to great boss and she said I could get more hours generally if i get this bank loan. Anybody think I could get approved? Yes. Wait ' Mon for banks to openSave you usd for emergencies. The last thingthe only thing you will get is forked a bank will probably give $K to get $ /mo for mo if you have an existing relationshi visible ink tattoo visible ink tattoo p using the bank and a fantastic work history. you do not have work history, so you are stuck by having a buy here, pay here place which will fork you more than. a min associated with % APR along with $ /mo with rega bar meatpacking district bar meatpacking district rd to months. bank relationship/work the past I do expect to have an existing relationship using the (checking account as beginning of summer), and I do have a great work history, I'm just not getting full time pay at this time, thats all.

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Is without a doubt this for real or a number of bs? Anyone ever in your life done it? A number of BS! Allthough there are people who earn their living as a puzzle shopper, much similar to the CIA, they will not advertise because so many need in to this, do they require to mailers to your dwelling. If you areally want to buy it in that version of work, contact the business enterprise and headquarters of Retail chains loy, and find out assuming they hire staff or a company for mystery patrons and go via there. Those jobs are hard to have, and there fore will not advertise and visited you. awww many thanks! You! It's a good! I knew people that tried this. They send a large check, ask you to deposit it right into your checking acount, you then are to transmit them a income order back had to have less, giving you the il interior design painting interior design painting lusion that you'll be pocketing that cash. But when their check can not be verified by the bank it bounces, as well as the bank will take the funds from YOU. Be mindful!

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Speed Need some calm Quicken? Anyone comfortable with Quicken? definitely been with it since, but I'm here seeking out an alternative. It crashed (as usual) about the year end application and corrupted a data file. The backups restore thereafter crash. Anyone could be cloud software which will manage cash, investment opportunities, credit, mortgages without the need of fear? Thanks.

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Do you want for the significant one?? cause it is coming and next to nothing can stop it all... The tsunami which wipes out The hawaiian? here's the relationship ; range=m; compare=^gspc; indicator=volume; charttype=line; crosshair=on; ohlcvalues=; logscale=on; source=undefined Should you wish to come to Knoxville for just a weekend Slow Food Knoxville is using a worksho italian charm watch italian charm watch p/demo on how to do smoked sausages. FDA Reveals Pistachios Have Salmonella FDA says and avoid pistachios amid salmonella study ***/ap_on_he_me/salmonella_pistachios.

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Or even Worked at a Bohemain Grove? A national TELEVISION PROGRAMS production company is reporting within the Bohemian Grove elaborate is Rio, Colorado. An extension on the Bohemian Club within San Francisco, California. We are trying to get a former (or current) worker of Bohemian Grove who's going to be willing to show their insights plus what they've seen that has a national. audience. Anonymity is usually arranged, if desired, but not wanted. If you repond, please implement it and describe your involvement for employee. Now you've got done it Ever since you've posted this request around the Bohemian Grove within a public forum, spy satellites in space are trained on you even as we speak. Got to absolutely love the! lol hahaAnd why would an exclusive club name per se after the well known society? Very suppose, indeed. Oh, it truly is Check it apart: Bohemian Grove is usually a, -acre (, ha) campground found at Bohemian Opportunity, in Rio, Colorado, belonging to an exclusive San Francisco-based mens art club identified as the Bohemian Club. In mid- each and every year, Bohemian Grove owners a -week encampment of the most powerful men on this planet. Things are on the lookout better here...? more "I bought the job" and also "I got your second interview" posts compared with before, it appears to be. Are things finally improving, if even a little bit bit? Do not likely Be Deceived Not any. Things are not improving. We are during war with. Trust me within this. After we will likely be at war along with North Korea. The economy requires a big, big hit from the coming weeks. Check out the evening info. Read the daytime paper. George T. Bush wants a good war resolution with think it�s great or not and it also will happen to achieve success next month. Mr. wouldn't sent several $ 100 or so thousand troops overseas to tell everyone to search home. Wan the economy to recoup? Wait for an alternative years. but legitimate I agree and believe identical. I wish When i didn't. has nothing related to the war VCs just cant find you aren't any good ideas at the moment. nothing to conduct with. from what exactly i hear, most VCs are just funding to providers every quarter, down from - every thirty daysyears past. they have money, but noone was a better plan. read the sj mercury (interview by means of founder of netscape - MA).

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Follow CEO: Foreclosure Probes Could possibly Hurt Housing CHI TOWN Oct,: pm EDT Reuters) - JPMorgan Leader Dimon said in Thursday he fears a widening probe towards foreclosure practices is seen as a drag on this housing recovery. "It may possibly slow it off, " he stated. "But we're hoping it will not it. " Dimon made the comments from a press conference within the Chicago meeting from the Business Council, a gaggle of top U. Ersus. CEOs that convenes more than once a year to discuss issues facing that U. S. overall economy. Dimon is among the many group's leaders. Dimon to start with declined to reply to the possibility typiy the probe by status attorneys general, most significant investigations of the particular mortgage industry ever previously, might exacerbate the actual country's -year-old property crisis. He primarily told the media conference, "That's definitely not pertinent to this kind of meeting here. inch But he went on to speak about the state for the U. S. housing business, sketching a that's far from hopeless. "You can make a long list of negatives and positives concerning the economy, " she said. "Housing is obviously on the unfavorable side. But prices get stabilized in a great deal of markets around the nation. Homes are house for sale. Financing is simply being d... There's absolutely no wave of property foreclosures coming. It's a bit of tick up from where it's.... So it's not good. But it's in fact modestly improving with a terrible state. inch At the conclusion for the press conference, Dimon neared Reuters and amplified on his first response, saying she hoped the widening probe into foreclosed practices, which offers thwarted some loan company efforts to retrieve homes from behind borrowers, would only certainly be a temporary blip which would not have a long-lasting influence on the housing market place. READ MORE: *** The best place I temped with hired me and then I need advice on how to get the dates regarding my resume to indicate to I was on the same place your entire time. I would love to put it virtually all underlikely. Should it resemble this: -present Company - Office Team Therefore description of job This doesn't happen look very good in my experience. any advice? cheers!

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Thought When people demand salary histories, think I should reduced it? It seems no person is me due to what is seemed to be, which is the key reason why I was ultimately let go. I love this approach question Because I swear that we thought the same principle. But I have concluded that salaries are discussed in the close of a sale or if they are about to rent me. If they require discussing it to begin with without even meeting with me, I don't really need to work for them because I presume they are just shopping without buying anything. As a result, they are misusing my time. They know how much they can pay for almost any given position. Are they going to provide you a salary history from the position? I hesitation it. Thanks in the Information! Just stinks getting let go, I am remarkably frustrated. While I was first away opening another location for your , they trained an individual at $ at least an hour to do a job!!!!! Is a page resume too massive? I have the resumes at all resumes it's a masterpiece I have best skill set online day trade online day trade s ever I recognize I'm getting hired Freezing know it. First I'm commencing in NY therefore NJ then PA then recipe from algeria recipe from algeria I'll Washington DC in addition to taking back any white house YOWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAH Chase carries a page resumeI feel we discussed it already... read article below. Mine can be pagesyeah! let's restore the white residence and paint this black.... and mail its current citizen to international the just,page Employers do not own time to read the life story, they have perhaps thousands of other resumes to see.

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Debbie is everyone's top-quality. She has a patent and you also DON't I think the joke is done to you tards. Just sayin. doesn't have any patent on it has the formula patents are great approaches to tell everyone details of what you invent just for them to cite and reproduce it. Apple, e and Samsung (et al) are always inside the courts over these kinds of thing^^what a babbling fool. -. I have any CRUSH on youyou must be needing serious helpShould I see Dr. Pepper? or must be dressed in a clothespin with his nose when heStill will need to have been many work to receive that patent. Likewise, not an inexpensive undertakin nm elk hunts nm elk hunts g in any way. I figured I invented a program, ed my legal practitioner and he put me in touch with a friend connected with his, a patent attor summers best recipe summers best recipe ney, turns out the item I put together was already invented by a different person. They didn't have got e patent investigation then. Too negative...... on to next product.