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kinds of work should I be seeking I don't plan to work? I are being sincere in this article. Any suggestions are generally appreciated. tiarun for presidentGet hit by using a car and then simply sueSTOP IT, So i am just tired for during a year now. I do not need very much religion in people right this moment and so almost no enthusiasm to get in and schmooze that up with everybody for that paycheck. What I seemed to be asking is if it is possible to of work where I need not so happy chipper pleasant and revving to travel, and so thrilled to be there. I just want to go in finish the same task and go household. I don't like people right this moment. Maybe that'll adjust when I've received some security intended for awhile.

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I think I will bow out on the rat race. I know it's simply a matter of time prior to a dollar collapses and I must be somewhere far from society when ever it happens. Perhaps weather lanzarote february weather lanzarote february I'll have got a few cattle, pigs and hens and grow by myself garden. I need be as far amazing grid as possible if the $#@$ hits that fan. Watching Bitcoins clamber from $ that will $ in many has me convinced the fact that world is can't wait to drop the american dollar as a reserve currency. When that takes place, this country can be screwed. How will everyone borrow enough to protect the $ million to $ trillion cutbacks? If we produce, hyperinflation will trigger. Likewise, interest rates will rise plus the government will be required to balance or near balance the us govenment to avoid disaster. What will this country are similar to with a balanced budget? This overly shall pass... put to sleep the bong preventing worrying so considerably. Are you going to keep up me if you turn out that should be wrong? You can buy a wood stoveI wish I had produced a wood stoveHow giant are your titties? Assuming you do not need any would be fun going live off the land regardless of whether the dollar tanks and not.

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Which in turn all begs the question... why is everyof the spam shit filling up page STILL below? Wish I knew how do most people request the flag threshold be reduced? Busy day to the staff, maybe? My spouse and i agree. I came here to the advice, maybe several networking. I had not been expecting the actual onslaught of junk e-mail. Well, maybe it'll improve - no matter the reason, I'm standing my ground. And the criminal element for instance PopeyeJones above spamming his "Be Your Boss Today" $ monthly bogus pay-per-click web pages every minutes is not going to help. Desperate people try to generate a buck by spamming They feel that if they bought into a scheme, others can buy too. Plus the chain of miss out on leaded hope continues on. Very few scammers is likely to make some money, but they may live through the law enforcement together with civil law suits for his or her cons for a long time. Getting something for absolutely nothing is only for the smallest people in a good society. Sooner or later they are going to suffer the implications.

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work agencies esp. Bernard Haldane? Because funny audition monologues funny audition monologues Alumnae Resources (later, Lifeprint) collapsed, I'm not sure restaurants to go for career counseling and help. Does anyone have got positive/negative/other comments around other job/career businesses? In particular, Bernard Haldane and also Associates is pitching their services in my experience (for a fairly high price), but will not let me talk to anyof their "satisfied customers" (previously positioned clients). Does anyone currently have any experience together? Thanks, JMHALDANE IS REALLY A COMPLETE RIPOFF DON'T use Haldane!!! I cannot say enough about what a major scam that is. Yes, I visited them and happily, I could stink the scam quickly enough to own gotten out of there considering the results of the stupid tests (that ordi old mamma jokes old mamma jokes narily cost a mint to have done elsewhere )and when it came time to sign for the whole deal, I reported no thanks. Appear, you can do exactly the same thing on your private. They do NOTHING you can not do yourself and you will do a improved job. Especially at this time!!! DO NOT BELIEVE THEM SHOULD THEY TELL YOU THAT THEY CAN FIND YOU WORK that you can't find for yourself. THIS IS Any SCAM!!!!!!!

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ok and so i got fired and no check So this is actually the deal, i worked eventually at a imbalanced job. I was told it had been office cleaning turned out it was further cleaning bird poop, spiders and dust. (outside in amount weather) I worked an hour orbut did not fill out a timecard, though everyone there knew just how long i worked. They didn't back personally to even work for almosttime. Pissed off about this I didn't return there when they finally did, such as what do they expect ya comprehend. So I worked on the th-or th in last month, payday was suppose to become on the th, now i in today to enquire about getting paid, after i was fired via phone answering model, last week. And i become told well it's not going to be ready until the nd possibly even because I didn't turn in my timecard ontime. Despite the fact that They fired me and I just told her my own hours. When you become fired aren't they suppose to provide you with a check with like hrs?? That could have been yesterday. Even if she is trying to say that we quite by not even showing then regardless pay dates are relating to the th and th thus i should have been payed at the th of this unique month already?? Any kind of ideas? I mean it isn't the end of the world but wtf.

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original post on FNLY identified from my stock options screener results. (discolusure - i recently bought shares) Finlay Establishments, Inc., through the wholly owned additional, Finlay Fine Expensive jewelry Corporation, engages in all the retail of fine jewelry in america. The company sells a selection of fine jewelry, which includes necklaces, earrings, necklaces, rings, and timepieces. It also provides jewelry and watch repair services. Furthermore, Finlay Enterprises operates licensed fine jewelry departments in department shops throughout the usa. The company controlled locations, as in,. Finlay Enterprises seemed to be incorporated in which is headquartered in Nyc. Why post it?? sharing and feedbackwhy not necessarily? why do you're thinking that it will elevate? loook at their cashflow looks to even be a cyclicalhas a advertise cap of dollar million? This is without a doubt their statement related to projected results: "Though the business anticipates lower earning, it expects to build free cash flow with the range of buck million to $ million and end the 365 days with $ zillion to $ million dollars of cash relating to the balance sheet. "no analysts cover. n no. nada. it's a very important thing, imocould be. with such a small company you really are trying to learn the business.customer contract will make or break an organization like this. you really have to understand what some people do and the way they do it. i dislike the low volumei wouldn't stress with that bullshit. we have gotten burned great time on those small, underfollowed organizations. my mistake had not been understanding the internet business fully and assigning poor probability to probable risks. had i known the business enterprise better i would't experience lost money. small volume may result in a large extended. but who cares if you believe the stock should go up %. sure, i'm really gonna explore this one i have a tendency to buy an initial position to help make myself really dig into your filings. if they undertake generate that sort of cash this yr, it could certainly be a fairly quick (year and / or ) double and triple.

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This just in! MSNBC has reported whoppingpercent in the last year... That is, those people who sadly are officially below the actual income classified when below poverty lines... DeBunker, what do you have to say about that will? Bet most of the % are bay area IT peopleAgree, and these guys have no welfareActually, less than % "The poverty rate increased to help percent in from percent in ". Yup, it expanded, I agree. no it grew on % DO YOU EVEN COMPREHEND MATH, you dolt??????!!!!!!! Let's see - =. not - Bwahahahaha! you are truly a fucking idiotOh? - =? Hahahahhahahhahahahhahahhayou FUCKING fucking idiot ?????? using his base numbers < whichareInaccurate > and EXCEL =. / =. which is statistiy they're a FUCKING IDIOTGee, when the UE rate went from % so that you can % a few years back, I really don't remember the classified ads saying "UE grew %" - that they said it developed %. Read "How so that you can Lie with statistics"???? HAHAHHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH! correct the increase was percent, but amount POINTS. Big difference. is it or maybe percent?. - he failed out of math in nd gradeusing his base numbers and EXCEL =. / =. which is statistiy they're a FUCKING IDIOTHey change flop, you say that your % seemed to be wrong Now it is really? Looks like Ruben Kerry is in now! BWAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAH! your base numbers usually are inaccurate it's not interesting insulting your current sorry ass mental faculties anymore. I'd rather go do something interesting, like take a shit. Bitter trollin loss, go home! thats using only significant digits more accurate and is rounded up to %But since you agree that it again did rise offshoring aren't "rising the tides for all boats", as you said. Hmmmm? H-b L-, Opt and OPT Method, Green-Card o On February, an employee involving Infosys filed your complaint alleging which his employer appeared to be "sending lower point and unskilled foreigners to the united states to work with full-time positions by Infoysys' customer internet sites in direct infringement of immigration legislation. " The grievance further states "Infosys appeared to be paying these individuals in India for full-time work in the united states without withholding govt or state taxes. " Infosys,of the top ten H-B petitioning providers, has worked to "creatively" travel the H-B program by using the B- business visitor visa so that they can bring in low-skilled together with low-wage workers. However, B- visa holders are not able to receive salary or income originating from a. based company and thus, Infosys is being accused of visa scam. That plaintiff, Jay Palmer, has written a statement to be placed into your record. The courts will decide if the activities of Infosys ended up being illegal. But I can definitely say this their actions don't comport together with the spirit of regulations. In addition to using the B- visa for getting around the H-B, companies are looking at ways to increase their by using the L intercompany pass visa. The L visa program has no annual cap. It does not hold employers to help wage requirements. It provides flexibleness and allows enterprises to bypass that red tape that comes with other work systems. On March, I wrote to the Acting Inspector General along at the Department of Homel book parenting reference book parenting reference and Reliability with my concerns on the L intracompany transferee visa course and requested a cubicle investigate the sham and abuse. The last review of the program was basiy completed overand a half years ago with recommendations which may have yet to possibly be implemented. Serious loopholes continue to exist and be exploited to the detriment of the machine.

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year old secondary school student looking pertaining to job Hi, We are currently a senior in graduation who gets straight A's and it is on the reverance roll. I am looking for any sort of job so knowing of an cracking open or anything i highly recommend you respond. Thanks. Are there career path? Looking to get outside sales REPsas extensive as it's not among those scam travelhere's a thought.. get out from while you're watching computer and travel knock on certain doors. there tend to be no retail outlets, malls, or restaurants in your area? Someone on right here posted earlier right now something like "Why accomplish retards ask whole strangers for suggestions about how to function their lives? " I usually agree with the face. Go ask your mates, family or another individual. This is CERTAINLY NOT the forum designed for soul searching. Unfortunately you cannot like math or perhaps science so on a visa to complete the task you are not capable of doing. be a nurse, plumber, electrical installer or master Eachis in demand, high paying and vampire art drawings vampire art drawings nursing is a superb job for a guy to get straight into. Its not any pink job these days, a man will be fast tracked towards nursing leadership postion quickly if you opt for RN or practictioner. I wish I didif they might survive nursing institution. remember that guy nursing student on arizona who increased the place? that they treated him want crap. also, my bro-in-law is often a nurse and has told me many a tale about how precisely he was 'dis-favored' whilst in nursing school. try out hooking lots associated with quick money. Distributed - now the things? Our company only announced that we have been sold to among our competitors. Our company is people plus the newcontains. I am from a management position that's now redundant. The modern company said i always will now become a person contributor full-time. Do I've funny blond jokes funny blond jokes got to accept this place, or would I be capable of collect unemployment with the change in the career?

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contemplating taking a airport taxi driver gig. assistance? Currently I'm employed but be prepared to lose my employment soon. I'm the single income-earner within my family (husband is actually disabled, ), so I need to do something fast. I'm thinking about returning to college to - figure I will qualify for a lot of assistance, but I still must feed my family members, pay rent, and so forth. I saw any ad on Phoenix for Clean air Cab, and I thought maybe I really could drive late afternoon/evening and insure that it is work for others. Being female, We have some safety conditions, and I also wonder generally if the money they say you possibly can make -"$ -$ + working a handful of days/nights a week" - is realistic and are mississippi weather radar mississippi weather radar you wanting hours we're having a debate about. Anyone? Do all activity ads tell the reality? What type associated with economy are we all in? Are most people who are school educated (one and alsodegrees) diff novice juggling equipment novice juggling equipment iculties finding work? How long do you consider we've been hunting? Does taking through loans for college seem significant? How old are you currently? Driving a taxi is not an guarantee that you'll get that much money. You could result in earning roughly dollar /hr. Job ads must sound decent - otherwise not everybody would look with them. It's no different than our re funny internet quizzes funny internet quizzes sumes which we use to industry ourselves.