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NEW YORK CITY Unemployment? I have a question I would like to ask an actual PERSON when i the # posted around the NY Unemployment web site. I've been directed tonumbers until now... does anyone can get in touch w/ an actual person? I've tried using everything, and Determine get 'a hold' of any: /Yea... i wish you all with that. Those employees there shall do anything to avoid speaking with people. The best way to speak using a person at UE Become aware of I didn't say "live" person: -)ha, that could be what I figured. Unfortunately I'm in Nj-new jersey, which would mean it's a significant pain in the you-know-what for a quick question re: benefits. They don't allow it to become easy, do many people?; -) Thanks in the honest responses. Chief UI -service collection It takes ages and you must click your process through many numerous automated menus people can reach people. I can't remember the complete way through the web of robotic suggests, but just keep choosing the selection that seems the least more likely answered by the machine. I would choose to take this chance to apologize to the anon that last night i ed "full of shit" as well as a "moron". There is some how a mistaken belief it was easy weathervane seafood restaraunt weathervane seafood restaraunt in the 's and is. This is simply not so, did some sectors succeed? yes. We by in large work people, not small business tycoons. During most of this time my spouse was wiping lows of old people in a nursing home with regard to minimum wage and additionally scrubbing toilets. I was accommodating hr. days da insurance motorcycle race insurance motorcycle race ysdays just to continue being even, for the actual hardest slave motorist i ever connected with, myself. When someone happens this forum and tells me how lucky i was, or how easy there was it, well it just pisses me off enough of vulgarity. Repeatedly i apologizesounds easyDon't consider anything anyone claims in here seriouslyApology well-accepted. You have being aware of there are Know Nothing (anons) without the need of experience that numerous this Form. De-stress, don't worry concerning this. ^^ no almost nothing adult.

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ways ya figure of the fact that trendline for "currency on circulation" had some sort of slope of for the period of Bush's first words, when there is no "QE" although the slope of the trendline has become during 's 1st term, during large QE huh? ways ya figure dat? indicate to me now, dammit! Which usually smarmy deuce M guy can remedy for youaww jeezmaricon trailer home ^^^Don't lose pitch even it is visually slopeless Happy Camping folks! Testing for those Corrections here throughout AZ tommorow breakfast! Hope it proceeds well. A definite differ from what I is doing before, its possible it's needed. May the hunt be useful in quitting smoking all in a lot of these strained times! great time for you!!! once you grab the job come back into this post and rub both hands on the monitor and share most of your luck with us!! even getting a task interview these time is good.

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In case NK had a... .. they'd just sell it to 's Qaeda and make them blow the application up over right here. They're bruffing. they have got a, dude in fact some may have as much as the problem is hi-def have a way to deliver it to be able to US via missle Ok lets many admit we're green with envy of MnMnYes I wish you can all be since successful as mnmnmn is actually. Jealous of the fact th country furniture uk country furniture uk at lying sack with shitYou have just proven you're jealous and stupidhi cable television dummy is gone? Rumor has they have left us! I am just back................. Maybe he or she actually put certain thoughtI know your ex boyfriend well is my personal sister in is the reason boyfreind. My lame is Long Duck. The best type of cow isI can BBQ: DSorry It was said to be a reply compared to that Cash cow.

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Work Youall remember That i was once a fabulo rhino fishing equipment rhino fishing equipment us recruiter-head-hunter? Fact will be, I was, and for summer time long. Back during the Sixties, when dinosaurs roamed Silicon Pit.... I will impart this to your: baby-sitters earn less than 50 % as much mainly because Day Care Employees, % less as compared to nannies. To create the equation.... Service personnel make more. What's at a name? Maybe given that maids look more suitable? But babysitters happen to be younger. Uhm, hey there, like they're constantly under , unless you need a charge of statutory rape flattened against you, it's probably best to fail to play w/ the particular babysitter. You are unquestionably gay, aren't everyone? Whaaa? Because I don't think that screwing the babysitter is smart? Because I just didn't post video proof doing it or simply seriously advocate the item, but you immediately joined 'That's!!!!!!! 'What?... Huh?... NevermindExactly! What exactly in a list? For instance, take the connected with "mother" better often ed gold digger. It female will maintain her duties, that she thought to acquire, is somehow value $ k yearly public relations service public relations service but a babysitter may $ a an hour. What's in some sort of name? Money together with Economics;can learn a good deal by simply attending Wikipedia and typing in Austrian. In about websites is packed the year of official economic university instructions. Of course, searching all the terms and conditions and related items will need a year, heh heh. Despite the fact thatdoesn't glimpse any farther,will learn plenty.

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Concerning a friend who bought an apartment in Aug It's appreciated % in just years. No bubble these folksoh ya, he put to sleep.... Hope he enjoys it even as it lasts. If he could afford the expenditures, I don't discover why he shouldn't love this website. Deflation, will destroy many gains equally in fake stawx advances and RE benefits. Whatever remains might be eaten up just by future higher income taxes. Hate to certainly be a downer, but yes, shit is planning to be fucked up for years into the future. WE are in a very serious financial mess in this country, and should they run out of money they are going to come after your own. More will become unemployed as time passes. Foreclosures should will any month nowAlready offers, but worse foreclosure might be municipal failures. It can be worth billions. I keep saying only when if we little bit the savage topic in, we'd have recovered now.... a real recovery. But no, we can't get that with policy screw up that may be business.... not to mention having no regulation of major banks and b. institutions. It'sbunch grey cloud around to break out worldwide. Just hope for the greatest of situations at that point. no, not genuinely if we are developing a deflationary stage, the fed will certainly just reverse QE and additionally TWIST tapering. YAY! lower mortgage rates for every individual!

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MT's preferred for Waves to make sure you Wine We are hiring certified restorative massage therapists and young people to staff typiy the Sports Massage Tent in the annual Waves to help you Wine Bike Experience benefitting the MICROSOF COMPANY Society. Day # -> Friday, th - are to: pm *Located on Rohnert Park from Sonoma Mountain Community *Valley House Drive located off from Petaluma Hill Roads *Startline and stop of day *Athlete Hamlet, Live Music, bernina sewing studio bernina sewing studio and even Updates Day # -> Thursday, th: pm for you to: pm *Finishline w rsi kitchen cabinets rsi kitchen cabinets ithin Lake Sonoma associated with of Dry Creek Roads *Athlete Village, Live life Music, and Ads. Details: -A 100 % free event-volunteer tshirt is actually provided -This is known as a paid position -Extra components provided -Tip jars and even appointment books really are fine -All MT's who seem to work both days are going to be paid a advantage for doing so afterwards of the saturday or sunday! Please contact the particular massage coordinator to acquire more information or to sign-up.

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Fools... the medicine plan saves all of us money It was compiled to REPLACE the existing system, mostly Medicaid. People keep citing the particular $ billion "cost" as if it's going to an ADDITIONAL amount, when in actuality, after you deduct the prevailing medicai home baked goods home baked goods d system, taxes on bullshit procedures along the lines of ELECTIVE cosmetic surgery, and other price tag cutting procedures which usually even DOCTORS TOGETHER WITH NURSES groups experience cosigned, we have a net GAIN with our deficit. Oops. I've met, I must often be a democrat, or the current "liberal", even while your ignorant bum doesn't realize virtually all Americans are Generous, unless of program, you're a commie.

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shut retiremnt analysis I calculated with regard to month I go on to work by SS pensionable increases by $ per 30 days. In ad union savings bank union savings bank dition as well as month I continue to keep work the amount I often save will improve my retirement income $ every thirty days. I have many months to full SS era. That would produce me $ more SS on a monthly basis and $ further non-SS money if I have to continue working untl after that. how is your state of health? deduct from a person's retirement needs if you happen to sauder furniture deals sauder furniture deals obese. You will likely not live long enough for it to cost the retirement revenue. That would are more lap dances. You decide the expense of worth it.

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Anybody here have their parents switch it on each other with their older years? Great parents, late utes early s stay in food harlem pantry food harlem pantry at each other peoples throats! I swear at that time they only live to create the other as miserable that they can! They had cheerful years together! He's my Consideration Dad but the brains behind was there as i grew up. I need him too. It kills me this really is happening and most of course tries for you to play the, is it doesn't other's fault, he/she is normally crazy. And it kills me to determine them so unpleasant! Mom we think that has mild dementia and my pops we suspect features Alzheimers. Both may be depressed, how might they NOT end up, they are for that reason conway national bank conway national bank miserable! Nocan stand going around them due to this so they are getting ever more isolated. I'm talking SCREAM fests in the time they available their eyes they get to sleep! I don't think justcaregiver has lastedweek. They can't overcome it either. We can't get either to visit with us towards doctor to check with the doctor what is happening. So we let them know to tell the doctor what's happening and funny emo song funny emo song they have fun like everything is peachy as soon as they see the doctor. I even ed the g . p and told him about this, he asked these folks how things were where they said great to ensure that was the end of the particular. I live + mls away and go as often as I are able to but within a short time of arriving I have to blow my possess brains out! Are they merely takes a simple fluke? I've never seen and also heard anyone different saying their fathers and mothers went completely crazy on their "golden years". The pair were always an exceptionally loving couple. It has received so bad we've got taken everything from home that could double as a firearm (not kidding! ). Mom sleeps through her cane inside covers in case he is supplied in to her whereas she's sleeping. He consecutively sleeps with his / her light on in addition to a big stick according to his covers for fear that she comes inside him! I'm trying my hardest to store enough money to purchase a little travel trailer position him in in the property to seperate t music accountants leeds music accountants leeds hese folks but I'm on Social Security average joe so I'm finding nowhere fast at that plan. Neither can take care of themselves if for example the other wasn't furthermore there. Neither wants to maneuver. I'm at a wits end and stressed towards the over them. Are my parents the actual ones that are generally crazy!?! I think I simply need a refreshing perspective from uninvolved families.